Deep Within Women’s Brunch- Check out the powerful speakers!


Deep Within Women’s Brunch- Check out the Powerful Speakers:

Keynote Speaker: Author Jasmine Strange

Speech title: Deep Within, Cutting To The Core of The Issue

Jasmine Strange, author of the book Uncommon Grace, is a native of Oakland, California. She was raised between California and Illinois. She is a single mother of two and a graduate of the University of Illinois where she earned her B.S. in Allied Health Science with a minor in communications and public speaking. Jasmine has been an educator in the school system for over 20 years, earning “Teacher of the Year” in two different school sites between two separate states. This former police officer was vice president of her Crestwood division police academy prior to receiving a leadership award presented to her by the mayor of Bellwood, Illinois. Jasmine is a former women’s basketball player where she holds records in scoring, rebounding and blocked shots and served as captain of her squad at the University of Illinois -Chicago. Shortly there after she became the youngest head coach in the MCC. Jasmine has an artistic side. She currently sings with the Oakland Symphony and has recently put out a worship c.d. landing her an award as “Gospel Artist of the year by the 9quotaawards Eastbay organization. Her charismatic personality, vocal gifting and directing ability paved the way for positions such as vocal director for “THE WIZ”, and even a spot in the world premiere of ” XTIGONE” with the African American Shakespeare Theatre Company.

This woman of God touches the hearts of humanity by lending herself back unto the hands of God constantly striving to do His mighty works here on earth. Jasmine aspires to inspire the world as she gracefully walks in purpose. It is her prayer that her modeling will not only be recognized in photos but more so in her walk with Christ. ~*It is the sum total of our experiences that make up who we are but in no way is the final determinant of who we will become…

Marybeth Moore

Speech title: Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life

Never fully happy with the answers from childhood, Marybeth is an avid “student of life” always seeking to understand more of why we are here, why we do what we do, and how does all of “this” work?

Having studied under some of the best minds of our time such as Les Brown, JT Foxx, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, and others, Marybeth is now beyond thrilled and grateful to have Les Brown as her personal mentor and be a member of the Les Brown Institute for Speakers and Life Coaches!

Marybeth has found a way to understand a piece of life, to work with and not against it and to teach the 6-step formula to “Life’s Secret Sauce” to anyone willing to listen! After decades of internal battling, Marybeth now gets that the Universe is always working in her favor and conspiring for her best good…and always was, and that she was the only one holding herself back! Once we realize that the limiting beliefs in life we hold can be changed, then that means our whole life can change if we choose it.

Born into an alcoholic and co-dependent environment, Marybeth grew up “reacting” and “reactive”. She became highly in tune with her surroundings in not such a good way, and she grew up deciding she could “control” most everything if she was always in charge! (Funny, huh?) Yet, she never knew how to (or that she could) control her own mind and thoughts. That was a far-reaching concept early on! She always felt at the mercy of her mind, which was always racing a mile a minute getting ready for the next crisis.

Through her decades of learning from the best minds on the planet, she has come to reshape her mind, her thoughts, her thinking and her outcomes to work in her favor and to understand how to work with life instead of against it. This is available to anyone who desires another way, and it would be her honor to give you a push in the right direction too!

Marybeth is married 22+ years to her husband. They have 5 grown children and 1 grandson. Marybeth believes that money = choice & freedom = travel! Teaching others to get out of their own way, caring for her mother with late-stage Alzheimer’s, traveling to Mexico and other parts of the Caribbean with her husband and family, and constant reading and mindset work are among her many favorite things to do! She currently resides in Sacramento, CA with a passport always ready to go!

Constance Cooper

Speech title: The Gift Within

Dr. Constance Cooper
Ceo of Divinely Exquisite Productions and Divinely Me Coaching

Dannielle Hart

Speech title: Brilliance in Resilience


Antioch, CA

Dannielle Hart is the daughter of a pastor and mother who’s a devout prayer warrior. She is also a mother to a beautiful teenage daughter. She is from a small town in central California. She holds a Bachelor’ of Science degree in Biology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She has always enjoyed writing and research and after she graduated college she was led to write a book. She currently writes a blog,, a Facebook page, God’s Hart, and Instagram, @hartwords. She can also be found on social media through #Godshart and #hartwords. All of her social media and endeavors are meant to draw people to the knowledge of God and to build up the people of God. She aspires to help others enhance their understanding and application of the Word of God into their everyday lives. She has an upcoming project being released in July 2018.


Casey Quist

Speech title: The Shameless and Confident Woman

Casey Quist, Professional Photographer
Owner of East Bay Photography
(925) 206-9600 – Text / Call

Christina Aguilar

Speech title:  Standing in the Storm

Christina Aguilar is a 33 year old mother of three beautiful children. She is married to a loving man. Christina was born and raised in Pittsburg, California. Christina grew up in a single-parent home. Her father was absent from her life as he battled a drug addiction. During her childhood, Christina struggled with feeling alone, especially without having her father present. Feeling alone and unloved while trying to fill her fatherless void led Christina down a path of drug addiction and self-destruction. After years of ups and downs, Christina was invited to a church that would change her life. She gave church a chance and found that the love she was looking for was in Jesus. She gives all thanks to Jesus for mending her broken heart and allowing her to finally move beyond her past by releasing the pain she held inside. She received deliverance from all addictions and strongholds that held her back in life. In January 2017, Christina became a first-time author; she is a featured author in Breaking Through Barriers Vol 2. Christina is currently in the process of becoming an ordained minister. Christina also possesses a love for cosmetology, and she hopes to obtain her license in the near feature. Christina aspires to show others that they can overcome their past and have a brighter future. Through her testimony, books, and future speaking engagements, Christina hopes to motivate others to trust and love God. Christina feels so very thankful and gives God all the glory for the wonderful changes in her life.

Candess Barker

Speech title: Seek Your Own Light, Find Your Purpose

Candess S. Barker was born and raised in Oakland CA as the middle of eight siblings. She studied Animation & Visual Effects at Ex’pression College for New Media. She is a proud graduate of the Women’s Initiative Business Program, where she developed her business plan for Passion for Elegance Event Planning.

Candess has always been passionate about creating art that addresses emotional, personal and social issues as well as bringing consciousness & empowerment to women and people of color. In her endeavor for personal growth and community building, she founded the Colour of Life Art Exhibition in 2015.

As a firm believer in women empowering other women to love, believe in and find themselves, Candess takes every opportunity to encourage women and young girls. Starting at home with her spirited 13-year-old daughter Jayde.

Her continuous mission for self-awareness and fulfillment of her life’s purpose with the support of her loving fiancé Jai, has lead Candess to begin mentoring young women and participating in speaking engagements to inspire other women to find their own purpose.



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