Deep Within I Knew (Contributing Authors)



“Deep Within I Knew He Wasn’t For Me…Ignoring The Red Flags!”

Contributing Authors


Here’s a short video featuring some of the amazing contributing authors from the Sacramento book signing 10-24-2015:


Robin Robinson-Myhand

Chapter Title: “I did everything I needed to do to get a woman like you!”

Robin Myhand

Robin Robinson-Myhand is a Personal Development Guide, author, speaker and founder of New Phase of Life. She provides guidance, tools and resources for people to be their authentic selves in all areas of life.

Her journey to becoming a Personal Development Coach began with her own quest for self-discovery.

While taking a class entitled “What were you born to do?” she realized that she had questions and suggestions for everyone in the class. Realizing that what was taking place in the class was what she did on a regular basis with friends and family, she looked at the instructors credentials and saw Life Coach as one of them. After doing some research she decided to pursue coaching because she wanted to help people to be comfortable with whom they are and move forward in their lives.

Her professional and personal experiences have provided her with the skill set and diversity to help people to embrace self-confidence and to reach their full potential while being true to themselves.

Robin has worked 25+ years in the Workers’ Compensation field and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. She is a certified mediator and certified personal development coach.

Robin can be reached via email at or on the web at

Amanda DoSSa Doss

Chapter Title: “No One To Trust”


Gifted in many ways, Singer/writer/Actor/dancer DoSSa originally born as Amanda Doss has been playing in the pool of entertainment since the age of 12. From stage plays, film, music and choreography, she is no cookie cutter box entertainer.

She has released her New Single and Music Video for “Kiss My Mind” this year and is looking forward to building her own talk show segment called “DoSe of Life” to discuss real life issues with real life people. Having hosted for Pharoah Films Presents: Around My Way TV Show on KOFY TV 20 and acted in a TV/Webseries called “The Dirty” (2014) on Comcast 78, with accomplished actors such as Vivica A. Fox and Miguel Nunez, DoSSa is living her childhood dream. She completed her first album “On The Contrary” in 2011 and has collaborated on other artist’s projects while staying committed to believing that she would be clearly understood by her fans!

DoSSa has performed under Order My Life Productions as the leading actress in the play “On Both Sides of the Wall”, as well a Soul Searchin’ Productions as the Lead where she showcases her theatrical talents. She is also featured in two Films entitled “Cover” and “The Shop” with reality star Tiffany “I Love New York” Pollard and a whole host of talented Bay Area Actors. Though she is holding a range of titles under her belt, “Anything is Possible” are the words she often uses to motivate those who surround the performing arts genre. Prior to her singing career, DoSSa performed with the Young Peoples Performance Group for several years, co-created Damn Choreography that worked with numerous bay area artists such as; The Federation, Big Rich, Balance.

Every year is DoSSa’s year to shine like a diamond in her own right; coming out brighter every time.



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Check Out Her Latest Video “Kiss My Mind!”

Aneitra Coleman

Chapter Title: “I Want To Do What You Want To Do!”


Aneitra is the mother of three sons, an entrepreneur, and an overcomer. Hard work and perseverance is important to her. The words, “I can’t” are not even a part of her vocabulary. Trust and loyalty are important to her. The losses of these two qualities or attributes are very disheartening to her. Relationships are what you make them; they can be” fun and loving or even sad and dysfunctional. No matter what type of relationship you have with others, the key is to be honest with yourself so you can be the best person you can be to yourself and others. Aneitra has experienced her share of adversity in relationships. The adversity has tested her faith in more ways than one, but it is also the very thing that has made her a stronger individual. The best advice that she gives to other is, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

Cheneqa Rivers

Chapter Title: “Single For A Reason”


cheneqa Rivers

Sacramento, CA 

Cheneqa Rivers resides where she was born and raised in Sacramento, Ca. She is a single mother of one adult son. She has 12 nieces and nephews and 7 great nieces and nephews. Cheneqa has been writing since she was a child and has written a book of poetry which is a part of the Library of Congress. As a contributing writer, Cheneqa has had numerous poems published. She has lived single for the last 8 years by choice and has recently began facilitating a class “Touched to Live Free” which highlights some of blessings and benefits of living “the single life”.


I want to take the time to truly thank the authors who chose to be anonymous, you’re story will change lives.

You are definitely amazing women and truly appreciated <3