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¬†“Breaking through Barriers”

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“Deep Within I Knew He Wasn’t For Me, Ignoring The Red Flags,” is a¬†book that features the stories from women who come from¬†different walks of life. These amazing women¬†have all experienced ¬†RED FLAGS in their relationships, as many of us have.¬† Our experiences have led¬†us to look within ourselves and change¬†our dating styles to¬†ensure that our core values are being fulfilled. We teach others how to¬†treat us especially in relationships, but we must know our core values¬†as to what we will and will not accept.¬† When you are removed from a¬†relationship, you are able to gain clarity and come to the realization that deep within you had a feeling that he wasn’t the right one. ¬†This book also explores different types of men who presented red flags that we as women may have failed to see.¬† My goal is to show women that we have all made mistakes, but we must build our self-awareness while learning from¬†our past mistakes. I truly hope you enjoy the book as well as I hope it provides insight for you on your path to true love and self-discovery.

By Shamay Speaks.

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